Office of Shared Accountability Reports

Linking PARCC and MAP Assessments for Students in Montgomery County Public Schools


This is the first study to address how existing assessments administered in MCPS can serve as indicators of college and career readiness as measured by PARCC. The study used linking methods to determine thresholds on fall MAP RIT scores that associated with PARCC success, and to generate concordance tables that compared spring MAP RIT scores and PARCC scale scores. Data analyses and results are disaggregated by content area (reading and mathematics) and grade level (Grades 3 through 8).


  • Continue to use MAP assessments in MCPS to predict PARCC success for college and career.
  • Encourage educators to use information from the study to adjust instructional practices and provide extra support to students at risk of not meeting the college and career readiness benchmark on PARCC.
  • Use MAP and PARCC assessments interchangeably to improve the MCPS accountability system.

File Name: PARCC and MAP linking study report 2016_6_15.pdf (3.15MB PDF)