Office of Shared Accountability Reports

Report on the Status of Students and Families who Received Mental Health and Case Management Services at Linkages to Learning Sites, 2013-2014


Students who received mental health services at an LTL site showed improvement on some measures of well-being and school engagement, including self-ratings of self-concept and attendance. Families who received case management services showed improvement on multiple areas of self-sufficiency, and large percentages of parents/guardians agreed that LTL had helped them support their students' education and feel a part of school.


  • Utilize technology to strengthen the process for therapists and case managers to receive daily feedback about the attendance of students with whom they are working.
  • Explore ways to increase systematic collaboration between LTL service providers and teachers.
  • Explore additional ways to support families in areas that appear most challenging to impact.
  • Institute more regular and consistent administration of LTL program assessments.
  • Increase means for feedback from students participating in LTL services.

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