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Appeal of Attendance Recording

High School Students Only

About this Form

Form number: 560-26A

Audience:  Parents/Guardians, School Staff, Students

Last revised: September 2018

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Form 560-26B - Attendance Intervention Plan

Students with five unlawful absences in a class will automatically be notified to submit an appeal of the recording of their absences if they or their parents/guardians believe any absence was recorded incorrectly, or develop an attendance intervention plan with their counselors/administrators. See MCPS Form 560-26B, Attendance Intervention Plan.

  • a. An appeal and/or attendance intervention plan may be initiated by the student, parent/guardian, or counselor/administrative team.
  • b. The counselor/administrative team will consult with the teacher regarding requirements for make-up work and will communicate the information to the student and the student’s parent/guardian.
  • c. Attendance appeal and intervention plan forms will be available at the counseling and administrative offices and on the MCPS website.
  • d. An administrator will review and sign off on the intervention plan.
  • e. If a student does not complete either an appeal of attendance recording or an attendance intervention plan and/or continues to be further unlawfully absent, the student will be considered to be in danger of receiving a failing grade in that course.
Adobe PDF Appeal of Attendance Recording
High School Students Only
421 KEnglish
Adobe PDF Apelación del Registro de Asistencia Escolar (Solamente Estudiantes de Escuelas Secundarias)421 KSpanish
Adobe PDF Appel Concernant le Registre des Présences Pertinent Uniquement Aux Lycéens423 KFrench
Adobe PDF Khiếu Nại về Việc Ghi Ngày Vắng Mặt Chỉ Dành Cho Các Học Sinh Các Trường Cấp II và Cấp III433 KVietnamese
Adobe PDF 出勤記錄申訴 僅供高中學生使用541 KChinese
Adobe PDF 출석 기록의 이의제기 (Appeal of Attendance Recording) 고등학생용451 KKorean
Adobe PDF ክፍል ዉስጥ/ትምህርት ላይ ያለመገኘት ሪፖርት ይግባኝ መጠየቂያ ለሁለተኛ ደረጃ ተማሪዎች ብቻ442 KAmharic

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