Special Education Department Seeks Parent Surrogates

April 6, 2005
The MCPS Department of Special Education is looking for parent surrogates to aid students with disabilities. The surrogates are necessary for children who do not have a parent or guardian to oversee their special education decision-making process.

A parent surrogate is an educational advocate for the student. To determine what services, programs, or accommodations the student needs, the surrogate oversees the student's Individualized Education Program process. The surrogate's involvement in these matters can have a lifelong, positive impact on a student's education.

Criteria for selection of a parent surrogate are:

§ The surrogate cannot be an employee of a public agency involved in the care and education of the child entrusted to that parent surrogate.
§ The surrogate cannot have interests that conflict with the interests of the child he or she represents.
§ The surrogate must have knowledge and skills that ensure adequate representation of the child.
§ The surrogate may withdraw from responsibility at any time as long as a 30-day notice is given.

For more information about becoming a parent surrogate, contact Stanley Sirotkin, supervisor, Division of School-Based Special Education Services, 301-279-3837, or e-mail

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