Board of Education Discusses CIP Amendments

February 28, 2006
The Board of Education met on Monday, February 27, and, among other items, discussed amendments to the Capital Improvements Program. The Board tentatively approved a revised policy on Board operations and discussed an administrative regulation on long-range facilities planning. In addition, the Board took positions on items of legislation before the Maryland General Assembly. The Board also recognized Women’s History Month and the contributions of student groups at Watkins Mill High School.

Amendments to the Capital Improvements Program

The Board discussed amendments to the recommended Capital Improvements Program (CIP) for Fiscal Years 2007-2012. The amendments address facilities needs for implementation of the Poolesville High School magnet program, scheduled to open in August 2006, and the need to equalize capacity at East Silver Spring, Piney Branch, Sligo Creek, and Takoma Park elementary schools. After a public hearing about these amendments on March 8, the Board is scheduled to take action at its meeting on March 27.

Policy BNB, Board Staff Management and Operations

The Board took tentative action on revised Policy BNB, Board Staff Management and Operations, which sets out the framework for the management and operations of Board staff, including, but not limited to, hiring, evaluation, and professional development. The policy will be sent out for public comment before final approval by the Board.

Administrative Regulation FAA-RA, Long-range Educational Facilities Planning

The Board reviewed the draft administrative regulation FAA-RA, Long-range Educational Facilities Planning. The regulation incorporates a majority of revisions proposed by the draft regulation work group. Among the issues under discussion were the preferred range of enrollment for elementary, middle, and high schools and the policy requirement for annual review of school site size, capacity ranges, and capacity calculations. The final regulation will be published in March 2006.

Items of Legislation

The Board voted to approve positions on a number of items of legislation before the Maryland General Assembly relating to education.

Women’s History Month

The Board recognized the observance of Women’s History Month in Montgomery County Public Schools and honored the contributions of female students, staff, and business and community leaders.

Sisters in Success/Brotherhood of Superstars

The Board recognized the community contributions and academic success of two student organizations at Watkins Mill High School, the Sisters in Success and the Brotherhood of Superstars.

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