Students Win Awards in Anti-Bullying Program

May 25, 2006
Fifth grade students at Mill Creek Towne Elementary School participated in an anti-bullying program this year sponsored by the Montgomery County Committee on Hate Violence. An awards ceremony was held on April 28 to recognize outstanding participants.

Each student read a book about bullying called “Triple Threat” that was co-authored by Jerome Williams, former NBA basketball player and alumnus of Mill Creek Towne Elementary. Students then completed projects to illustrate what they had learned. A first, second, and third place prize was awarded in each of three categories.

Visual Arts
First – Brian Piedra-Martel (painting)
Second – Miriam Koudaya (drawing)
Third – Amanda Corbett (drawing)

Performing Arts
First – Christian Popov (monologue)
Second – Janelle Monroe (song)
Third – Jennifer Holt, Gabrielle Matthews, and Madeline Hughes (song)

Written Arts
First – Ashley Caceres (essay)
Second – Nathaly Benitez (poem)
Third – Jesse Tang (poem)

For more information, contact:
Lt. Robert P. Mueck, program coordinator
Department of Public Safety
University of Maryland
Tel.: 301-405-7402

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