Board of Education To Meet on Monday, June 25

June 22, 2007

7:00 p.m. 2.0 Approval of the Agenda (A)
2.1 Recognition of MCPS–University Partnerships (A)
2.2 Recognition of Vietnamese Scholars (A)
2.3 Recognition of Riderwood Village Retirement Community Scholarship Recipients (A)

7:30 Public Comments

8:00 Board/Superintendent Comments

8:15 3.0 Consent Items

3.1.1 Contracts of $25,000 or More (A)#
3.1.2 Award of Contract—Vending Machine Services (A)#

3.2.1 Utilities Procurement Report and Delegation of Authority for Utilities Purchasing (A)#
3.2.2 Award of Contracts—Galway Elementary School Modernization (A)#
3.2.3 Award of Contract—Walter Johnson High School Modernization (A)#
3.2.4 Award of Contract—Improved Access to Schools (A)#
3.2.5 Architectural Appointments—Feasibility Studies for Various Schools (A)
3.2.6 Lease Renewals for Relocatable Classrooms with ModSpace (A)#
3.2.7 Lease Renewals for Relocatable Classrooms with Vanguard Modular Building Systems (A)#

3.3.1 Utilization of the FY 2007 Provision for Future Supported Projects Funds (A)#
3.3.2 Tuition for Nonresident Students (A)#

8:20 4.0 Human Resources Appointments (A)

8:25 5.0 Middle School Boundary Recommendation for the Hampshire Greens Community (A)#

9:15 6.0 Annual Growth Policy Review—2007 (D/A)

9:45 7.0 Board of Education Items
7.1 Closed Session Resolution (A)
7.2 Report of Closed Sessions (A)
7.3 Appeals (A)
7.4 Appointments to Advisory Committees
7.4.1 Montgomery County Collaboration Board for Career and Technology Education (A)
7.4.2 Family Life and Human Development (A)
7.5 Special Education Continuous Improvement Team Advisory Committee (A)
7.6 New Business

10:00 Adjournment (A)

# student vote does not count. Four votes needed for adoption.
* times listed are intended for guidance only; unless changed by the Board, the order in which items appear will be followed.

Future Board of Education Meetings
Monday, July 2, 7:30 p.m., Swearing-in of Student Board Member
Tuesday, July 17, 10:00 a.m., All-day Business Meeting

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