High School Assessment Results Released for MCPS Class of 2009

October 28, 2008
Maryland High School Assessment Results Released for MCPS Class of 2009

81.7% of County Students Met HSA Requirements as of Spring 2008

Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) students in the class of 2009 achieved overall passing rates ranging from 86.9 percent to 94.6 percent in the four subject areas measured on the state High School Assessments (HSA), according to spring 2008 test results announced today by the Maryland State Department of Education.

Beginning with the class of 2009, fulfilling the HSA requirement is required for graduation. To fulfill this graduation requirement, students must have a passing score in each subject assessment or pass through a combined score option that totals the results from scores on all four subject assessments. Select qualified students with disabilities may be tested primarily through the Modified High School Assessment (Mod-HSA).

Data released today by MSDE indicates, based on the spring 2008 testing period, 81.7 percent of the MCPS students scheduled to graduate in 2009 have met the HSA requirements, either by passing all four tests or through the combined score option.

Results of the assessments show the following overall pass rates in each subject for students from the MCPS class of 2009, based on tests taken through the spring of 2008:

English – 86.9 percent. This is up from the 77.2 percent pass rate for class of 2009 students, from HSA exams taken by spring 2007.
Algebra – 89.2 percent, up from 77.8 percent on the assessments taken by spring 2007.
Biology – 90.8 percent; up from 80.6 percent in 2007.
Government – 94.6 percent; up from 87.6 percent in 2007.

These results are reflective only of assessments taken through last May, although additional testing opportunities were provided for this year’s seniors during the summer and earlier this month. Two more administrations of the tests also will be provided in January and April of 2009 for this year’s seniors. Students who have not passed the exams may also have the opportunity to complete a series of projects to meet graduation requirements through the state’s Bridge Plan for Academic Validation.

An analysis of the overall MCPS class of 2009 HSA results shows the most recent pass rates in each subject, broken out by demographic group. Some disparity continues to exist in the pass rates by demographic group in each of the four HSA exams, with white and Asian American students generally passing at higher rates than Hispanic and African American students.

A chart showing pass rate by test and demographic group is attached.

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