Public service announcement highlights the work of inspiring teachers in MCPS

May 8, 2000
A new public service announcement produced by MCPS to celebrate the work of great teachers will be aired on Cable TV Montgomery throughout the month of May, beginning this week on Monday, May 10, as part of the National Teacher Appreciation month observances.

The 60-second commercial can be accessed on the web in a digitized format through the "videos" section on the school system's web page or through the address at the bottom of this page:

The one-minute commercial, which highlights the inspiration of great teachers and features the work of many MCPS teachers, will air 240 times this month on the various cable channels accessed through the cable system. The commercial was produced by the Department of Communications in collaboration with the Instructional Television Unit and was shown for the first time today at the announcement of the new MCPS Teacher of the Year.

Note: Your computer should have the "RealPlayer" program installed and configured for optimum visual display of this digitized video. If you want to install the "RealPlayer" program on a computer, see the corporation website at the address below and download a free copy of "RealPlayer 7 Basic".

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