Board Appoints Three Associate Superintendents and Twelve Principals, Reviews ESOL Opportunities for Adult Learners, Votes to Review Policy on Grading

May 23, 2000
The Board of Education met yesterday [Monday, May 22] and, among other items, approved 20 administrative appointments, including three associate superintendents and twelve principals. The Board also discussed a report on the educational needs of ESOL adult learners, reviewed the annual report of the Title IX Gender Equity Advisory Committee and voted to review Policy IKA: Grading and Reporting.

Personnel Appointments

The Board of Education approved the following administrative appointments:

Associate Superintendents

* Dr. Elizabeth L. Arons, currently director, Office of Human Resources, as associate superintendent for human resources.

* Dr. Raymond W. Bryant, currently director, Department of Special Education, as associate superintendent for student and community services.

* Dr. Pamela Y. Hoffler-Riddick, currently community superintendent (Bethesda-Chevy Chase, Walter Johnson, Wheaton, and Walt Whitman clusters), as associate superintendent for shared accountability.


High School

* Watkins Mill High School -- Mary Ann P. Jobe, currently curriculum coordinator, Career Initiatives and Family and Consumer Sciences, Division of Career and Technology Education, as principal.

Elementary Schools

* Beall Elementary School -- Nancy B. Coit, currently assistant principal, Beall Elementary School, as principal.

* Belmont Elementary School -- Peter H. Bray, currently principal, Kenmoor Elementary School, Prince George's County Public Schools, as principal.

* Brooke Grove Elementary School -- Linda D. McDaniel, currently principal, Addison Elementary School, Palo Alto Unified School District, Palo Alto, California, as principal.

* Burnt Mills Elementary School -- Dr. Adrienne A. Jackson, currently principal, Warren Lane K-8 School, Inglewood Unified School District, Newport Beach, California, as principal.

* Carderock Springs Elementary School -- Dr. Linda Jackson Jones, currently principal, Kingsford Elementary Magnet School, Prince George's County Public Schools, as principal.

* Clearspring Elementary School -- B. Gayle Mollet, currently principal intern, Judith A. Resnik Elementary School, as principal.

* East Silver Spring Elementary School -- Cynthia Best-Goring, currently principal, Adelphi Elementary School, Prince George's County Public Schools, as principal.

* Lakewood Elementary School -- Anne G. Barlow, currently principal intern, Fields Road Elementary School, as principal.

* S. Christa McAuliffe Elementary School -- Loretta M. Favret, currently principal intern, Flower Valley Elementary School, as principal.

* Strathmore Elementary School -- Myra F. Smith, currently principal, Church Lane Elementary Technology School, Baltimore County Public Schools, as principal.

* Woodlin Elementary School -- Dr. Doris A. Jennings, currently principal, Eastbrook Elementary School, Winter Park, Florida, as principal.

Central Office Staff

Office of Human Resources

* Dale S. Horos, currently acting Human Resources staffing specialist, as Human Resources staffing specialist, Division of Staffing.

Office of Instruction and Program Development

* Martin M. Creel, currently acting curriculum coordinator, Elementary Social Studies, Department of Curriculum and Instruction, as program supervisor, Pre-K-12 Social Studies, Department of Curriculum and Instruction.

* James K. Ferrant, currently lead coordinator, Career and Technology Education, Maryland State Department of Education, as coordinator, Industrial and Technology Education, Division of Career and Technology Education.

* Dale E. Fulton, currently director, High School Innovative Programs and Academic Initiatives, Department of Curriculum and Instruction, as director, High School Instruction, Department of Curriculum and Instruction.

* William N. McDonald, currently coordinator, Elementary Science, Department of Curriculum and Instruction, as director, Elementary School Instruction, Department of Curriculum and Instruction.

ESOL for Adult Learners

The Board discussed a report analyzing data showing the rapidly growing number of foreign-born residents in Montgomery County and the compelling need to address language barriers these residents face. Research suggests that in order for children to be academically successful, their parents must receive support in the acquisition of English literacy skills.

Title IX/Gender Equity Advisory Committee

The Board voted to accept the final annual report of the Gender Equity Advisory Committee. Major recommendations include further study of gender equity in relation to computer usage, continuation of the HR-15 gender equity in-service course, systematic on-going sexual harassment training for staff and students, and the listing of Title IX school liaisons on the MCPS website.

Policy on Grading and Reporting

The Board voted to review Policy IKA: Grading and Reporting, including consideration of ways in which students would be required to take and pass a final exam in order to receive full credit for the course, and the training needs of teachers and principals responsible for implementing final exams. The Board also will schedule discussion of the results of countywide final exams.

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