MCPS #1 in Graduation Rate for a Fourth Straight Year

June 6, 2012
For the fourth year in a row, Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) has the highest graduation rate among the nation’s largest school districts, according to a report released Thursday, June 7, 2012.

The annual
Diplomas Count report, published by Education Week, calculated the MCPS graduation rate at 87.6 percent—a 1.9 percentage point increase over last year’s report and significantly higher than the rate for the nation (72.7 percent) and the state of Maryland (77.9 percent).

“This year’s
Diplomas Count report demonstrates our students' determination to be ready for the opportunities that lie beyond graduation and our continued commitment to support them,” said Shirley Brandman, president of the Montgomery County Board of Education.

Superintendent Joshua P. Starr said the success of MCPS is due to the collective effort of the entire community.

“These results would not be possible without the hard work of our students, the dedication and outstanding performance of our employees and the continued support and investment of our community,” Dr. Starr said. “Together, we have made MCPS a national model of excellence.” 

Each year,
Education Week, uses the most recent Common Core of Data available from the National Center for Education Statistics to calculate graduation rates for the nation, each state, and the nation’s 50 largest school districts. This year’s data is for the graduating class of 2009. The publication uses the Cumulative Promotion Index—or CPI—to calculate a graduation rate that is comparable from state to state and district to district. This calculation is significantly different than the Leaver Rate used by the state of Maryland to calculate the 2009 graduation rate. In 2009, the state-calculated graduation rate for MCPS was 87 percent.

This year’s
Diplomas Count report focuses on the nation’s growing Latino student population and the challenges Latino youth encounter in pursuing academic success. To learn more about the report and its calculations, visit the Diplomas Count website.

Graduation Rates for Nation's 50 Largest Districts

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