Board of Education Outlines Plans for $2.3 Million in New Title I Funding and Appoints 10 New School Principals

May 22, 2001
The Board of Education, at its meeting last night [Monday, May 21], outlined plans for using $2.3 million in new federal funding to expand full-day kindergarten and reduce class size in Title I schools. The Board also received an update on the new instructional planning model and curriculum revision process and approved the appointments of 10 new elementary school principals.

The new funding would add 24 classroom teacher positions next year for the expansion of full-day kindergarten to six additional Title I schools (for a total of 34 schools) and another 24 classroom teacher positions to reduce class size in Grades K-2 in nine additional Title 1 schools (for a total of 47 schools).

The additional allocation of federal funding resulted from the updated census information, and that produced more funding than originally anticipated. Approval by the County Council to use the funds for these initiatives is expected.

At its meeting Monday night, the Board also received an update on the new Instructional Planning Model and the progress made in the "back-mapping" of the English/language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies curricula for pre-Kindergarten through Grade 8. The initiatives are focused on developing a clear curriculum for each subject, with consistency from school to school and grade to grade, based on a set of objectives from local, state, national, and international standards.

Finally, the Board approved the following administrative appointments:

* Eric A. Davis, currently principal of Heritage Elementary School in Lynchburg, Virginia, as principal of Maryvale Elementary School.

* Dr. Marcia P. Fineman, currently interim principal of Farmland Elementary School, as principal of the school.

* Linda Holmes, currently interim principal of Hutchinson Elementary School in Pelham, New York, as principal of New Hampshire Estates Elementary School.

* William E. Lalik, currently administrator on special assignment, Office of Instruction and Program Development, as principal of Lake Seneca Elementary School.

* Janet B. Lopez, currently principal of Gladys Noon Spellman Elementary School, Prince George's County, as principal of Sligo Creek Elementary School.

* Richard M. Melzer, currently principal of Kenilworth Elementary School in Prince George's County Public Schools, as principal of Chevy Chase Elementary School.

* William R. Poole, Jr., currently assistant principal at S. Christa McAuliffe Elementary School, as principal of Monocacy Elementary School.

* Peggy E. Salazar, currently interim principal of Oak View Elementary School, as principal of the school.

* Kimberly A. Williams, currently principal intern at DuFief Elementary School, as principal of Stone Mill Elementary School.

* Carmen van Zutphen, currently principal intern at Fairland Elementary School, as principal of Bel Pre Elementary School.

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