102 Apply for Title I Enrollment Option, 16 Requests Withdrawn

June 21, 2002
Applications for 102 students have been received for the Title I Enrollment Option from among more than 6,000 students enrolled in the 10 participating elementary schools, according to a report yesterday [Thursday, June 20] to the Board of Education by Dr. Jerry D. Weast, superintendent of schools. The application total was reduced this week after parents withdrew 16 applications.

The number of students who have applied for the enrollment option represents less than 2 percent of the students in the participating schools. Only five applications are from among the priority population of low performing, low income students. In one school, Broad Acres Elementary, none of the students have applied to leave the school. Several other schools have similarly low participation data.

Further reductions in applications are anticipated when parents are asked later this summer to confirm their child's placement at the receiving schools.

A copy of the report to the Board of Education, along with an earlier report, are available on the school system's website as PDF files at the links below.

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