How many English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) counselors do we have? How and where are they deployed?

Question#: 12


There currently are 8.0 school-based Full-time Equivalent (FTE) ESOL counselor positions that serve a total of 14 high schools.

Specifically, a 1.0 FTE ESOL counselor position is assigned to each of the two high schools with the largest number of ESOL students, Montgomery Blair and Gaithersburg high schools. 

The remaining 6.0 FTE ESOL counselor positions are allocated to 12 high schools. 

The following table reflects the allocation of the 8.0 FTE ESOL counselor positions.                                                                                                                                                                       

High School Budgeted FTE
Montgomery Blair High School 1.000
Thomas Edison Hgh School od Technology 0.500
Albert Einstein High School 0.400
Gaithersburg High School 1.000
John F. Kennedy High School 0.600
Richard Montgomery High School 0.400
Northwood High School 0.600
Quince Orchard High School 0.400
Rockville High School 0.400
Seneca Valley High School 0.500
Sherwood High School 0.400
Springbrook High School 0.600
Watkins Mill High School 0.600
Wheaton High School 0.600
Total 8.00