Please provide performance and cost data regarding the Innovative Schools program. Please send the cost and performance data of the Innovative Schools program to Ms. Richey and Ms. Tesler, and any other staff that requests it.

Question#: 7


The budget to implement the Innovative Schools program at Roscoe R. Nix and Arcola elementary schools for Fiscal Year (FY) 2023 is $2,218,677. Additionally, supplemental funding for this program, $353,658, is included in the Title I grant budget. For FY 2022, the cost to implement the program required a budget of $2,208,875, as well as supplemental funding through the Title I grant of $380,085. The budget supports the cost of additional salaries, retention bonuses, associated employee benefits, and supplies and materials as a result of the extended school year.

A report evaluating the implementation of the Innovative School Calendar, including data on student performance, is under final review and will be shared with the Board upon completion.

We will share this information and the report with Ms. Richey and Ms. Tesler and other staff who may request it.