Please provide information on the possibility of forming partnerships with other local districts so that their students can avail themselves of our Virtual Academy by paying tuition to attend.

Question#: 14


Currently, there is a requirement that students enrolled in the Montgomery Virtual Academy must be enrolled in Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS). We do have students who had been home-schooled who have chosen to enroll in MCPS and then attend the Virtual Academy. Because there is a residency requirement for enrollment in the full-time instructional program, we would need review the legal and policy implications of restructuring the full-time, synchronous day program.

We do have students from other districts, students who are home-schooled, and students who attend private schools enrolled in some of our courses offered through Online Pathways. This is considered part-time, after school, or summer enrollment, and therefore is complementary to the full-time program these students regularly attend.