When reporting on some of these program evaluations, such as tutoring data, Ms. Julie Yang would like for staff to provide a utilization matrix on how many students use the program; how many times a student uses it; and the geographical location or school, to potentially find success stories that can be implemented at other schools.

Question#: 3


As staff prepare program evaluations, the recommended areas of investigation will be employed to the extent possible. In some instances, there may be limitations to the data received by external partners that may make it challenging to respond to all areas of interest. However, at a minimum, reporting on the following will be included:

  • Number of students receiving or participating in the service/initiative
    • Presented by racial/ethnic groups and service groups
    • Reported by school level (i.e., elementary, middle, and high)
  • Number of sessions attended, where available
  • Academic impact of receiving or participating in the service/initiative

The estimated release of the report is February 15, 2023.