Ms. Yang asked what the incentive was for school bus drivers and when it is scheduled to be paid. a. Mrs. Smondrowski would like staff to report out on the outcome of the incentives.

Question#: 5


This year, the national school bus driver shortage created significant challenges with operations in the Montgomery County Public Schools Department of Transportation (DOT) as has been experienced in other school districts.

DOT implemented several efforts to combat the staffing shortage and ensure student delivery to and from school. One effort included providing $25.00 in additional compensation to bus operators and bus aides who accepted an additional route, not to exceed two routes per day.

The first aforementioned incentive pay for the bus operators and aides will be paid in the January 27, 2023, paycheck. Thereafter, the incentives will be paid on the paycheck corresponding to the pay period when the additional routes took place. This incentive is effective through the end of the 2022–2023 school year.