Ms. Harris suggested staff reach out to Ms. Bansal to explore her ideas for welcoming new students. a. Ms. Rivera-Oven asked if any schools currently have packets of information they provide to new students, especially those with limited English, and if so, is that information able to be duplicated around the county.

Question#: 6


Ms. Bansal will be contacted about her testimony as we continue to develop comprehensive support for our newcomer students. Although International Admissions and Enrollment (IAE) provides information when newcomers first enroll, some schools also have their own welcome packets. IAE is conducting a survey of our schools to identify how they welcome new students and requesting that any welcome packets they have developed be shared. This information will be reviewed and shared where appropriate at a later date once the information has been compiled. IAE also facilitates professional learning opportunities for school staff including principals, parent community coordinators, counselors, and school registrars, where sharing the implementation of a newcomer welcome packet and best practices are encouraged.