Ms. Yang asked if staff can provide information for families who move into a Two-Way Immersion school zone after kindergarten.

Question#: 17


Incoming kindergarten and Grade 1 students who live within the boundaries of the six schools automatically are enrolled in the Two-Way Immersion (TWI) program regardless of the language spoken at home.

Students in Grades 2–5, whose home school is a TWI school, will be enrolled in the TWI program if they meet one or more of these criteria—

  • the student’s Home Language Survey includes Spanish and is eligible to receive English Language Development services, including those where English and/or Spanish is spoken at home;
  • the student recently exited English Language Development services; or
  • the student is transferring from a One-Way or Two-Way Immersion program where the target language is Spanish. The student should have been enrolled in the program at least in the prior two years.