What is the response time for school maintenance requests? Provide the data by low and high priority?

Question#: 41


As work requests are received, they are triaged and prioritized based on urgency, safety, and impact to school operations. Work is categorized as one of three cases: emergency, urgent, or routine.

The Division of Maintenance (DOM) always responds to emergencies on the same day, usually within hours. The most common examples of the emergencies are extreme weather, utility outages, life safety concerns, pipe breaks, or major heating or cooling breakdowns.

Urgent work orders have a target response time within two days, which is met 84 percent of the time. The target for response to routine work orders is within three weeks, which is met 78 percent of the time. As DOM processes approximately 65,000 work order requests annually, staff are often diverted from responding to the routine work requests and rerouted to emergency or urgent work requests.