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How many English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) counselors do we have? How and where are they deployed? 12
How many psychologists are in the FY 2021 budget? How many and which schools do they service? What is the ratio of psychologists to students currently in MCPS? Also include the number of special education psychologists and what programs they service? 5
How many schools will the additional 6.0 elementary security assistant positions in the budget support? 1
How many special education students have one paraeducator assigned to them? Please provide this information for the last five years at the elementary, middle, and high school levels, and by programs. 29
How much do we budget for the arts programs at each level, especially at the high schools? 14
How much would it cost to restore the elementary school special programs teacher positions that were reallocated in the FY 2020 budget? 39
Ms. Dixon requested a list with the names of all elmenetary schools in alphabetical order, the number of students for each school, the number of counselors assigned to each school, and the proposed number of counselors for FY 2021 allocated by school. 23
Please provide a breakdown of the cost of the bus tracking application including hardware and software. 47
Please provide a list of after school activities that occur in each school broken down by elementary (Title 1, Focus, and Non-focus), middle, and high schools. 37
Please provide a list of full day and half day prekindergarten classes (with school names and type of class), and how many students served in each. 27
Please provide a list of schools where the 11.0 prekindergarten teacher positions funded by the FY 2021 strategic accelerator will be allocated. 28
Please provide a list of the different types of stipends that are avilable to the schools. Please describe the purpose of the Independent Activity Fund and any restrictions on the use of the fund. 31
Please provide a list of the locations that MCPS recruits at and how the goal of diversity is reflected in recruiting at these locations. 34
Please provide a report by demographics of the number of incidents between school resource officers and students. 48
Please provide a technology inventory by school (e.g., Chromebooks, Promethean boards). 22
Please provide an update on class size by school broken out by elementary (reflecting if they are Title I or Focus school), middle, and high school levels, (core subjects - Math and English), 25
Please provide an update on Project G.R.A.D. 41
Please provide an update on the BE Well 365 rollout. 21
Please provide detailed list of reductions by chapter in the Recommended FY 2021 Operating Budget. 49
Please provide historical data regarding savings from the quality of speical education services we provide for classic autism/Asperger's and extension compared to what the cost would have been in non-public schools? 42
Please provide how the number of suspensions and incidents have been reduced since the introduction of restorative justice into the district and the impact on recidivism. 45
Regarding the afterschool funding ($50,000 for elementary and $50,000 for middle schools) that the Board added to the budget in FY 2020, please provide the board with the changes that will be made so that the funding will go to schools without access to after school funding. 36
Regarding the generation of transcripts for students, have we looked at what other school districts are doing and what have we learned? 43
Regarding the new Innovation and Equity Fund in the FY 2021 budget, please provide the criteria for how the funding will be distributed and when the initial distribution is expected to occur? 35
What are county's plan to replace the bus platform that was run over located near Northwood High School? 7
What are the number of ESOL teachers at elementary, middle, and high school levels and what is the ratio of students to ESOL counselors? 44
What bus tracking applications are Prince Georges County and Fairfax County Public Schools using and the cost? 46
What is in the Recommended FY 2021 Operating Budget for ACES and College Tracks, the number of students served, and cost per student? 38
What is the allocation formula to determine the allocation of a full time English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) counselor? 13
What is the cost of the red and blue versions of Charmin toilet paper sold at Costco compared to our current costs? Can a cost/effective bulk purchase arrangement be developed with a vendor like Costco to purchase this thicker product? 3
What is the cost to expand the Sciende, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) programs that are currently being implemented at Blair and Kennedy High Schools? 8
What is the cost to expand the STEM programs at Glenallan and Piney Branch Elementary schools? What are the costs to expand these programs to other schools in the county? 9
What is the cost to provide additional stipends to support an assistant drama director and a dance coordinator at secondary schools? 15
What is the criteria to provide a full time teacher position at small schools to support advanced curricula for students? 10
What is the ratio of consulting teachers to teachers for the last several years? 32
What is the status of the gym divider at Northwood High School? 6
What new funding is included in the budget to support English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) and Special Education services? 11
What, if any, is the impact to our facilities' infrastructure if we changed from one ply to two ply toilet tissue? 2
When providing the Board of Education the class size information, could we also get adult (including paraeducators)/student ratios or how much time each day adults spend with students? 26
Where will the five assistant principals (three in middle schools and two in high schools) converted from assistant school administrator positions and two new assistant principals in elementary schools be assigned? 4