All Together Now, All for Our Students, Staff and Community

August 29, 2022

Dear MCPS Community,

Happy New Year! 

The first day of school is a new beginning with unlimited potential and excitement for all that we will do together. As educators, we experience deep professional pride in the academic growth of our student scholars. Our community ensures the success of our school system, from our parents to  professionals in our buildings to committed community partners. Montgomery County is a community that invests in its excellent school system. The first day of school is a celebration of community, a community that will help us retain today’s spirit throughout the year. This is why our opening of schools theme is, “All together now, All for our students, staff and community.”

As we begin the new year, MCPS, as demanded by our strategic plan, will have a laserlike focus on academics. Our educators will know how every student is performing; they will use data to meet student needs. We expect that our students will build on their knowledge, advance in their skill sets and find wonder in their learning. We have excellent teachers, support professionals and administrators committed to making this happen.

We will have challenges and we are ready for them. For students to perform at their best and achieve academic growth, they must be emotionally strong, physically safe and psychologically prepared for today’s world.

We will do this work through the lens of my three priorities:

  • Building and rebuilding trust with students, staff and community

  • Supporting mental health and well-being for all students and staff

  • Returning the district’s focus to equitable teaching and learning

To our students, I issue this challenge: Embrace the fantastic opportunities offered to you at school. To everyone in our community, my challenge is this: Be a partner in this work. Together, we can ensure that tomorrow’s promise is brighter. On the first day of an  exciting new school year, the opportunity is here. Now is the time.

Readiness for school, readiness for graduation, for college or career, all of these things come together so that our students can thrive in their future. This is important work, and we know our community will be right there with us. All Together Now, All for Our Students, Staff and Community!


Monifa B. McKnight, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools

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