Office of Shared Accountability Reports

Tutoring Outcomes Evaluation: 2021–2022


The primary purpose of this evaluation was to assess the effects of the Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) 2021–2022 tutoring program on kindergarten (K) through Grade 8 student academic outcomes. The evaluation utilized a quasi-experimental, matched comparison group design to examine the effect of tutoring on spring 2022 achievement in literacy and mathematics. Student-level data were used to examine students’ achievement in their respective tutoring subject.


Based on the results of the evaluation, the following recommendations were presented for the district:

  • Implement a true high-dosage tutoring framework and ensure targeted students receive sufficient dosage of high-quality tutoring.
  • Ensure data systems capture data elements essential to evaluating program outcomes, such as attendance reported in hours or minutes by subject per student.

A response to the recommendations in this report, prepared by the Office of Curriculum and Instructional Programs, can be found here.

File Name: Tutoring Evaluation 2021-2022 FINAL.pdf (3.1MB PDF)