Office of Shared Accountability Reports

Grade 10 PSAT Participation and Performance— School Year 2015–2016


The 2015–2016 school year marks the first administration of the redesigned PSAT, which is composed of two sections: 1) Evidence-based Reading and Writing (EBRW) and 2) Math. Among 10,859 Montgomery County Public Schools first-time Grade 10 students, 91.5 percent of them participated in the redesigned PSAT, which was 3.2 percentage points higher than the participation rate of first-time Grade 10 students who took the PSAT in 2014–2015 (88.3 percent). Among first-time Grade 10 students who also reported themselves as Grade 10 when they took the PSAT, the average score was 979 of 1520— 40 points higher than the national sample. Slightly more than one half of first-time Grade 10 students were identified through the 2015–2016 PSAT to have AP potential on one or more AP exams related to core subjects. This memorandum presents results of 2015–2016 Grade 10 PSAT participation and performance.

File Name: 2016 PSAT Prin Memo Update 4.28.16.pdf (260KB PDF)