Office of Shared Accountability Reports

Student Performance on the 2016 Assessment Program in Primary Reading (Kindergarten to Grade 2)


This memorandum presents results of 2016 Montgomery County Public Schools' (MCPS) Assessment Program in Primary Reading (AP-PR) with comparison results from school years 2013 through 2015 for kindergarten and Grade 2. Grade 1 2016 AP-PR results are used as the new baseline due to the addition of the written comprehension portion into the benchmark requirements. Kindergarteners demonstrated a slight one-year improvement in the percentage of meeting or exceeding the grade-level reading benchmark at Text Level 4 and proficiency at Text Level 6 in 2016. In Grade 2, a small one-year decrease in AP-PR performance in 2016 was indeed preceded by a slight one-year increase in 2015.

File Name: 2016 APPR Prin Memo Update 1.13.17.pdf (269.4KB PDF)