Office of Shared Accountability Reports

Impact of the Extended Learning Opportunities Summer Adventures in Learning (ELO SAIL) Program on Student Academic Performance: Part 2, Summer 2015


Extended Learning Opportunities Summer Adventures in Learning (ELO SAIL) is a Montgomery County Public Schools summer program for students in all Title I elementary schools; it targets students who will be in kindergarten–Grade 2 in the fall following the program. In 2015, the ELO SAIL program was conducted for 19 days and featured a four-hour instructional day of reading, language arts, and mathematics. The population for this study was students who participated in ELO SAIL in summer 2015 for 16 days or more. This report analyzed demographic characteristics of attendees and the impact of the program on academic performance of attendees, compared to non-attendees.


  • Continue providing ELO SAIL to students from low-income families, due to the positive impact on students receiving Free and Reduced-price Meal System services.
  • Continue with the reading curriculum for kindergarten and with the mathematics curriculum for Grades 1 and 2, due to their positive impacts on fall achievement.
  • Analyze the reading curriculum to understand why the impact for first and second graders is less positive than for kindergarteners.
  • Focus future research on understanding the lack of positive results for spring performance (except for kindergarten reading), including more detailed analyses that consider ability prior to ELO SAIL.

File Name: ELO SAIL Report 2 _FINAL.pdf (696.3KB PDF)