Office of Shared Accountability Reports

Status of Implementation of the Monitoring Instructional Reading Levels (MIRL) Strategy During 2015–2016 School Year: Findings from 2016 Classroom Teacher Survey


The purpose of this component of the MIRL evaluation study was to describe the implementation of the MIRL strategy during the 2015–2016 school year from the perspective and experiences of classroom teachers, and to identify areas needing improvement


  • Increase understanding of MIRL and the expectations for the elementary reading program
  • Strengthen aspects of MIRL that were extensively implemented as intended in 2015–2016
  •  Increase emphasis on and broaden implementation of the various MIRL activities and processes where wide variability across schools or low levels of implementation were reported
  • Increase teachers' capacity to implement rigorous reading instruction through various professional learning opportunities and ongoing support

File Name: Final Formatted MIRL Teacher Survey report 12_27_162.pdf (1022.9KB PDF)