Office of Shared Accountability Reports

Evaluation of the Kennedy Cluster Watkins Mill Cluster Project: Follow-Up of Participants in the Multi-Agency Team Process


The Office of Shared Accountability conducted an evaluation of the implementation and outcomes of the Kennedy Cluster Watkins Mill Cluster (KCWMC) Project.  This second report addressed the following questions: 1)  How was the Multi-Agency Team in KCWMC Project implemented?  2) To what extent did participating students and their families show improvement on family stability measures, attendance, and report card grades? The sample included 325 students and their families with records of Multi-Agency Team participation during the school years 2014–2015 and 2015–2016.  Parent surveys were administered at the time of referral and about 6 months after the Multi-Agency Team meeting.  A rating scale of family stability was administered by the program care coordinator at the time of referral and approximately 6 months after services began.  Attendance and report card data, as well as graduation rates for grade 12 students, were analyzed. 


  • Explore ways to increase collaboration between KCWMC Project care coordinators, parents, and school staff in order to support students’ school engagement and involvement in school activities.
  • Explore ways to support parents’ involvement in their child’s school, since relatively low percentages of parents reported that they regularly attend activities designed to support students’ academic progress, such as parent-teacher conferences.
  • Continue administration of KCWMC Project parent surveys and explore ways to increase the number of parents completing surveys.

File Name: Yr2 Kennedy Watkins Mill Cluster Final.pdf (1.1MB PDF)