JEE-RA, Student Transfers and Administrative Placements

About this Regulation

Regulation: JEE-RA

Last revised: September 28, 2023


To establish implementing procedures concerning within-county Changes of School Assignment (student transfers) in alignment with Montgomery County Board of Education Policy JEE, Student Transfers

To establish procedures concerning the administrative placement of a student to a different school or alternative instructional program for safety reasons

Adobe PDF JEE-RA, Student Transfers and Administrative Placements 185 K
Adobe PDF JEE-RA, Transferencia de Estudiantes y Colocaciones Administrativas194 K
Adobe PDF JEE-RA, Transfert d'élève et placement administratif232 K
Adobe PDF JEE-RA, Học sinh Chuyển trường và Sắp đặt của Ban Quản trị412 K
Adobe PDF JEE-RA, 學生轉學和行政安排461 K
Adobe PDF JEE-RA, 학생 전학과 행정 배치의 절차 Student Transfers and Administrative Placements284 K
Adobe PDF JEE-RA, የተማሪዎች ዝውውር እና አስተዳደራዊ ምደባዎች191 K
Adobe PDF JEE-RA, Transferências de Alunos e Colocações Administrativas194 K