EGB-RA, Using Copyrighted Materials

About this Regulation

Regulation: EGB-RA

Last revised: May 02, 1988


To explain the implications of the federal copyright law on the use of printed materials, microcomputer software, and videotapes in the schools, establish guidelines for the use of copyrighted materials, and establish procedures for applying for copyright for MCPS materials.


MCPS staff and students are to comply with these procedures in the use of publications, software, and video and audio recordings to protect the authors of these works from infringement upon their legal rights. These procedures have been developed to adhere to the federal copyright laws (see Exhibit EGB-EA) and to the MCPS policy on the Evaluation and Selection of Instructional Materials. This regulation also establishes guidelines for protecting the Board of Education as the holder of reproduction rights to all materials produced by MCPS employees as part of their official duties.

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