EKA-RA, Emergency and Disaster Preparedness

About this Regulation

Regulation: EKA-RA

Last revised: July 29, 2015


To provide for the safety of all persons on MCPS grounds, through the development and maintenance of the comprehensive local emergency preparedness plans. 


MCPS is required by Maryland laws and safety standards to plan and prepare for the safety of its students and employees in the event of an emergency. 

Responsibilities of MCPS for emergency and disaster preparedness include, but are not limited to:

  1. A central administration Emergency Response Plan (ERP)
  2. School Emergency Plans (SEPs) and On-Site Emergency Teams (OSETs)
  3. Emergency action plans and fire prevention plans required by Maryland Occupational Safety and Health (MOSH)
  4. Provision of technical assistance to MCPS schools and facilities by MCPS Department of School Safety and Security (DSSS) and Systemwide Safety Programs (SSP) Unit
  5. Publishing and maintaining the Emergency Response and Management Manual for Schools
  6. Emergency preparedness drills each year at all schools and facilities
  7. Plans for evacuation and shelter at MCPS Properties
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