FAA, Educational Facilities Planning

About this Policy

Policy: FAA

Last revised: September 24, 2018


To affirm the Montgomery County Board of Education’s commitment to continuing to provide high-quality facilities that support the educational programming needed to ensure that every Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) student is well-prepared for success consistent with the Board’s core values of Learning, Relationships, Respect, Excellence, and Equity

To establish an educational facilities planning process that effectively anticipates MCPS educational facility needs and establishes a framework for making equitable and fiscally responsible facility decisions in an uncertain future, while considering instructional program priorities, physical condition of the schools, and the impact of under- or overutilized facilities on the educational program

To promote public understanding of MCPS educational facilities planning processes and provide opportunities for stakeholders to engage in, inform, and respond to those processes

To coordinate MCPS facilities planning processes with those of other units of local governments and municipalities in Montgomery County


Educational facilities planning is essential to identify the infrastructure needed to ensure success for every student. The Board has primary responsibility to plan for educational facilities that sustain high-quality MCPS educational programs while effectively responding to changes in student enrollment, educational programming, and physical plant infrastructure.

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