GJA-RA, Professional Growth Systems (PGSs) for MCPS Employees

About this Regulation

Regulation: GJA-RA

Last revised: October 19, 2009


In order to achieve the Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) vision of providing a high quality education for every child, MCPS and the three employee unions have collaborated on the development of respective Professional Growth Systems (PGSs).

The PGSs recognize that all employees play an integral part in establishing vibrant, rigorous learning communities for students. An effective learning community for students and adults requires highly skilled administrators, teachers, supporting services professionals, and others working together to ensure the achievement of all students.

The goal of the PGSs is to ensure that, through continuous improvement, all employees accomplish the duties and responsibilities of their jobs at a high level of performance, and share accountability for the success of all students.

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