GKA-RA, Administrative Complaint

About this Regulation

Regulation: GKA-RA

Last revised: February 01, 2023


To establish procedures to process and obtain prompt and equitable solutions to employee complaints concerning the interpretation or implementation of Montgomery County Board of Education (Board) policies or Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) regulations or rules, unless the subject matter is otherwise committed to another process

To encourage the informal resolution of such complaints whenever possible

To review administrative decisions involving such complaints

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Adobe PDF GKA-RA, Queja Administrativa149 K
Adobe PDF GKA-RA, Plainte administrative152 K
Adobe PDF GKA-RA, Khiếu nại Hành chính369 K
Adobe PDF GKA-RA, 行政投訴517 K
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Adobe PDF GKA-RA, Reivindicação Administrativa151 K