IGK-RB, Career and Technology Education Projects from Outside MCPS

About this Regulation

Regulation: IGK-RB

Last revised: June 15, 2016


To establish guidelines and procedures for approving class projects in Career and Technology Education (CTE) classes, including classes associated with student foundations (listed in Section II), to be completed for an organization, agency, or individual; and to provide guidelines for projects utilizing Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) technical equipment and/or facilities outside of class


MCPS high school CTE classes are organized within broad career clusters designed to provide students with multiple career pathways leading to employment and further education, as follows: Arts, Humanities, Media, and Communication; Biosciences, Health Science, and Medicine; Business Management and Finance; Construction and Development; Education, Training, and Child Studies; Engineering, Scientific Research and Manufacturing Technologies; Environmental, Agricultural, and Natural Resources; Human and Consumer Services, Hospitality and Tourism; Information Technologies; Law, Government, Public Safety, and Administration; Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics; and College/Career Research and Development Program.

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