IHB-RA, School Academic Grouping Practices

About this Regulation

Regulation: IHB-RA

Last revised: October 20, 1995


To establish standards for grouping students to facilitate learning.


In organizing for instruction, many schools develop criteria for grouping students to facilitate learning -- either as class groups or within classes. While grouping may be by chance, more often students are assigned to an instructional group based on a prerequisite level of experience in school, ability level or achievement in a subject or specific skill, or other predetermined criteria that are predictors of success in that area. Grouping should always increase student opportunity for success. No grouping plan should be static; rather, it should promote flexibility to meet students' changing needs and achievements. When a school offers a sequential range of courses or an advanced placement course, students should be encouraged to participate in the class group for which they show readiness on the basis of prior achievement or potential.

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