IOA, Gifted and Talented Education

About this Policy

Policy: IOA

Last revised: November 14, 1995


To reaffirm gifted and talented education as a high priority for MCPS

To affirm that acceleration and enrichment of the entire academic program is appropriate

To provide direction to staff and community that places special emphasis on addressing the cognitive and affective needs of high-achieving and potentially high-achieving students

To extend each child's intellectual boundaries and help all students achieve their highest potential

To ensure that differentiated educational programs and/or services are systematically provided for gifted and talented students in all Grades K–12, including gifted students with learning disabilities or other special needs and to assure that gifted and talented students are offered an appropriate level and pace of instruction in each of our schools

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Adobe PDF IOA, Educación para Estudiantes de Alto Potencial y Talento319 K
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