IOE-RB, Interim Instructional Services

About this Regulation

Regulation: IOE-RB

Last revised: June 13, 2018


To set forth procedures governing Interim Instructional Services (IIS) in Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) to meet the instructional needs of students who are unable to participate in their MCPS school of enrollment due to a qualified physical or mental health condition for reasons set forth in Maryland law.

Adobe PDF IOE-RB, Interim Instructional Services 43 K
Adobe PDF IOE-RB, Servicios Instructivos Provisionales416 K
Adobe PDF IOE-RB, Services d’Enseignement Intérimaire425 K
Adobe PDF IOE-RB, Các Dịch Vụ Giảng Dạy Tạm Thời437 K
Adobe PDF IOE-RB, 臨時教學服務669 K
Adobe PDF IOE-RB, 임시 교습 서비스546 K
Adobe PDF IOE-RB, የመሃል ጊዜ የትምህርት አገልግሎቶች438 K