IQB-RA, Extracurricular Activities

About this Regulation

Regulation: IQB-RA

Last revised: June 08, 2020


To establish procedures for maintaining an extracurricular program at the local school level.


In view of the MCPS efforts to improve the participation of minority students in extracurricular activities, schools are requested to develop specific strategies to encourage the participation of minorities.

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Adobe PDF IQB-RA, Actividades Extracurriculares211 K
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Adobe PDF IQB-RA, 정규 교과 외 활동/과외활동 Extracurricular Activities453 K
Adobe PDF IQB-RA, ከመደበኛ ትምህርት ውጭ የሚከናወኑ እንቅስቃሴዎች Extracurricular Activities191 K
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