JEA-RB, Enrollment of Students

About this Regulation

Regulation: JEA-RB

Last revised: October 10, 2019


The guidelines for determining what constitutes a resident and nonresident student in Montgomery County are established in Montgomery County Board of Education Policy JEA, Residency, Tuition, and Enrollment.
This regulation sets forth the procedures for determining the bona fide residence and other qualifications for enrolling students in Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS)

Adobe PDF JEA-RB, Enrollment of Students 532 K
Adobe PDF JEA-RB, Matrícula de Estudiantes653 K
Adobe PDF JEA-RB, Inscription des élèves647 K
Adobe PDF JEA-RB, Đăng Ký Học Sinh707 K
Adobe PDF JEA-RB, 學生註冊891 K
Adobe PDF JEA-RB, 학생 등록(Enrollment of Students)769 K
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