JEA-RD, Enrollment of Homeless Students

About this Regulation

Regulation: JEA-RD

Last revised: July 08, 2021


To establish procedures for the identification and enrollment in school of homeless children and youth  living in  Montgomery County so as to maintain a stable educational environment by minimizing the effect of mobility on academic achievement whenever feasible.  Montgomery County Board of Education policies, Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) regulations, and related procedures should not be applied to act as a barrier to the enrollment, attendance or success in school, of homeless children and youth, including unaccompanied homeless youth.

Adobe PDF JEA-RD, Enrollment of Homeless Students 220 K
Adobe PDF JEA-RD, Matrícula de estudiantes sin hogar64 K
Adobe PDF JEA-RD, Inscription des élèves sans-abri66 K
Adobe PDF JEA-RD, Ghi Danh Học Sinh Vô Gia Cư174 K
Adobe PDF JEA-RD, 無家可歸學生的註冊342 K
Adobe PDF JEA-RD, 노숙/홈리스 학생의 등록170 K
Adobe PDF JEA-RD, የቤት አልባ ተማሪዎች ምዝገባ144 K
Adobe PDF JEA-RD, Matrícula de Alunos Sem-Teto62 K