JGA, Behavior Intervention, Safety, and Well-being Plan

About this Policy

Policy: JGA

Last revised: April 07, 2022


  1. To promote positive, respectful, orderly, and safe learning environments necessary for effective learning; increase student engagement; boost student achievement; and, proactively foster positive school cultures and climates that prevent student misbehavior, when possible, before it occurs

  2. To engage all students in learning with effective instruction and to intervene appropriately to support struggling and vulnerable students so that schools are safe places in which to learn

  3. To provide a philosophy of behavior intervention that is rehabilitative, restorative, educational, and implemented fairly and equitably with clear, appropriate, and consistent expectations and consequences to address student behavior that is not in line with the Student Code of Conduct in MCPS, regardless of whether the instructional environment is in person or virtual

  4. To clearly communicate to students, staff members, and parents/guardians/families expected student behaviors and consequences for misbehavior

Adobe PDF JGA, Behavior Intervention, Safety, and Well-being Plan 198 K
Adobe PDF JGA, Plan de Intervención de Conducta, Seguridad y Bienestar197 K
Adobe PDF JGA, Plan de sécurité et de bien-être par intervention sur le comportement201 K
Adobe PDF JGA, Kế hoạch Can thiệp Hành vi, An toàn và Hạnh phúc281 K
Adobe PDF JGA, 行為干預、安全和健康計畫364 K
Adobe PDF JGA, 행동 개입 안전과 웰빙 계획 Behavior Intervention Safety and Well-being Plan290 K
Adobe PDF JGA, የባህሪ ጣልቃገብነት፣ደህንነት እና የደህና ቁመና እቅድ156 K
Adobe PDF JGA, Plano de Intervenção Comportamental, Segurança e Bem-Estar199 K