KGA-RA, Community Use of Public Schools

About this Regulation

Regulation: KGA-RA

Last revised: February 03, 2006


To publish the guidelines and procedures related to the community use of school facilities.


Community use of public schools is a service provided by the Montgomery County Government and the Montgomery County Public School (MCPS) system. The Interagency Coordinating Board (ICB) is the policy board which governs the community use of schools and approves guidelines and procedures. The Community Use of Public Facilities office (CUPF) handles administrativeresponsibilities for the ICB. The policy board was established to facilitate the community use of public schools.

Public agencies and nonprofit organizations, including nonprofit groups, citizens organizations within or outside the County, and commercial/business enterprises, may use school facilities. Schools are available to almost everyone who wishes to sponsor or conduct a community oriented activity.

Members of the ICB include the chief administrative officer of the County Government, a member of the Board of Education as ex officio member, the superintendent of schools, the president of Montgomery College, a member of the Maryland National Park and Planning Commission, a Council member or the staff director or a senior staff member of the Montgomery County Council, one citizen appointed by the Superintendent, subject to confirmation by the Board of Education, three citizens appointed by the County Executive, a person designated by the Montgomery County Association of Secondary School Principals as ex officio member, and a person designated by the Elementary School Administrators Association as ex officio member.

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