KLA-RA, Concerns, Complaints, and Appeals to the Superintendent of Schools

About this Regulation

Regulation: KLA-RA

Last revised: March 26, 2024


To encourage the collaborative resolution of concerns expressed by members of the public whenever possible

To set forth procedures to process and obtain prompt and responsive solutions to public complaints concerning the application of laws, Montgomery County Board of Education (Board) policies, or Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) regulations or rules, unless the subject matter is otherwise specified by another process


The provision of high-quality educational programs, activities, and services for the students of Montgomery County is best achieved by all parties working together.  The Board, as a matter of policy, encourages members of the public to direct their questions and concerns to the local school or administrative level most immediately in a position to assist, and seek resolution through a process of dialogue and cooperative problem-solving among affected parties.  


The formal step of filing a complaint should be used only after problem-solving approaches among the parties most immediately involved have been unsuccessful in resolving the concern and a complainant seeks a review of the application of a law, Board policy, or MCPS regulation or procedure (hereafter referred to as “rules”) by an MCPS administrator, or to seek the application of a rule when no action has been taken.   

Personnel actions are the exclusive responsibility of the MCPS superintendent of schools and are not subject to public complaint procedures.

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