JEA, Residency, Tuition, and Enrollment

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Policy: JEA

Last revised: September 11, 2018


To affirm the Montgomery County Board of Education’s commitment to an effective, efficient, and equitable enrollment process for all qualified Montgomery County students and to set forth criteria for the enrollment of resident and nonresident students in accordance with federal and state law.

Adobe PDF JEA, Residency, Tuition, and Enrollment 36 K
Adobe PDF JEA, Domicilio, Matrícula e Inscripción553 K
Adobe PDF JEA, Résidence, Frais de Scolarité et Inscriptions560 K
Adobe PDF JEA, Cư Ngụ, Học Phí, và Ghi Danh570 K
Adobe PDF JEA, 居住地、學費和註冊772 K
Adobe PDF JEA, 거주지, 학비, 등록619 K
Adobe PDF JEA, ነዋሪነት፣ የትምህርት ክፍያ፣ እና ምዝገባ298 K