COA-RA, Behavior Threat Assessment

About this Regulation

Regulation: COA-RA

Last revised: August 26, 2019


To establish a research-based threat assessment process that provides appropriate preventive and corrective measures to maintain a safe and secure school environment, to protect and support potential victims, and to provide assistance, as needed, to the individual being assessed

Adobe PDF COA-RA, Behavior Threat Assessment 74 K
Adobe PDF COA-RA, Evaluación de Comportamiento Amenazante548 K
Adobe PDF COA-RA, Évaluation des comportements à caractère menaçant546 K
Adobe PDF COA-RA, Thẩm Định Hành Vi Hăm Dọa233 K
Adobe PDF COA-RA, 行為威脅評估270 K
Adobe PDF COA-RA, 행동적 위협 평가(Behavior Threat Assessment)168 K
Adobe PDF COA-RA, አስፈሪ/አስጊ ባህርይን መመርመር157 K
Adobe PDF COA-RA, Avaliação de comportamento ameaçador72 K