COB-RA, Incident Reporting

About this Regulation

Regulation: COB-RA

Last revised: February 01, 2023


To provide guidance for reporting health, safety, and security incidents to the Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) Office of School Support and Well-being (OSSWB), Office of Human Resources and Development (OHRD), Systemwide Safety and Emergency Management (DSSEM), other MCPS offices, law enforcement, and other external agencies

To coordinate and manage system responses through the Synergy or other established reporting protocols

To provide guidance for reporting such incidents to the public, as appropriate

Adobe PDF COB-RA, Incident Reporting 302 K
Adobe PDF COB-RA, Reporte de Incidentes201 K
Adobe PDF COB-RA, Signalement d'incidents251 K
Adobe PDF COB-RA, Báo Cáo Sự Kiện440 K
Adobe PDF COB-RA, 事件報告660 K
Adobe PDF COB-RA, 사고 신고/보고 Incident Reporting453 K
Adobe PDF COB-RA, ወንጀል፣ አደጋ፣ ጥቃት ወዘተ. የመሳሰለ ከባድ ኩነት ሪፖርት ማድረግ227 K
Adobe PDF COB-RA, Relato de Incidentes199 K