ACA, Nondiscrimination, Equity, and Cultural Proficiency

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Policy: ACA

Last revised: December 11, 2019


To affirm the Montgomery County Board of Education’s desire to create an educational community guided by its five core values—Learning, Relationships, Respect, Excellence, and Equity —that is deeply committed to ensuring that all students are supported to succeed and all staff are empowered to do their best work.

To assert the Board’s belief that each and every student matters, and in particular, that educational outcomes should never be predictable by any individual’s actual or perceived personal characteristics, and that equity demands intensive focus and attention to eliminate all gaps in student achievement.

To establish and promote a framework that prepares all students to live and work in a globally-minded society, and fosters a positive learning environment that embraces all unique and individual differences.

To affirm the Board’s unwavering commitment that all staff will be culturally proficient, and demonstrate mutual respect without regard to any individual’s actual or perceived personal characteristics.

To uphold the Board’s core values, and ensure compliance with all federal, state, and local nondiscrimination laws.

Adobe PDF ACA, Nondiscrimination, Equity, and Cultural Proficiency 580 K
Adobe PDF ACA, No Discriminación, Equidad y Competencia Cultural202 K
Adobe PDF ACA, La Non-discrimination, l'Équité et la Compétence Culturelle290 K
Adobe PDF ACA, Không Kỳ Thị, Binh Đẳng, và Thành Thạo Văn Hóa508 K
Adobe PDF ACA, 無歧視原則、公平和文化熟知能力669 K
Adobe PDF ACA, 차별금지, 형평성, 문화적 이해력259 K
Adobe PDF ACA, አለማዳላት፣ ፍትህ፣ እና ባህላዊ ብቃት178 K