ACA-RA, Human Relations

About this Regulation

Regulation: ACA-RA

Last revised: July 05, 2005


To provide a framework for the establishment, implementation, and maintenance of human relations programs, services, and activities that strengthen human relations practices and cultural competency in MCPS.


The MCPS community reflects the rich cultural and linguistic diversity of a global society. This diversity requires that MCPS prepare all students and employees to understand how to productively and constructively live and work in a multicultural environment. An environment of mutual respect and high expectations must be proactively created and maintained for all without regard to race, color, gender, religion, ancestry, national origin, marital status, age, disability, or sexual orientation. The Board of Education will not condone acts of insensitivity, disrespect, bias, verbal abuse, harassment, bullying, physical violence, or illegal discrimination toward any person. In addition, the Board of Education articulated an expectation that there would be respect for individuals regardless of socio-economic status, intellectual ability, or physical characteristics.

An essential component of an environment infused with respect is the ability to resolve concerns informally where they occur. A climate that supports and promotes informal resolution values the ability of individuals to engage in constructive, collaborative problem solving. However, it is also critically important to have formal processes that ensure the rights of individuals. These processes must address the general area of individual and group dynamics, human relations, as well as specific concerns regarding claims of discrimination.

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