ACA-RA, Nondiscrimination, Equity, and Cultural Proficiency

About this Regulation

Regulation: ACA-RA

Last revised: February 21, 2023


To designate appropriate lead offices responsible for implementation of Montgomery County Board of Education Policy ACA, Nondiscrimination, Equity, and Cultural Proficiency, and ensure compliance with all federal, state, and local nondiscrimination laws

To establish procedures for responding to allegations of discrimination

Adobe PDF ACA-RA, Nondiscrimination, Equity, and Cultural Proficiency 171 K
Adobe PDF ACA-RA, No Discriminación, Equidad y Competencia Cultural179 K
Adobe PDF ACA-RA, Non-discrimination, équité et compétences culturelles181 K
Adobe PDF ACA-RA, Không Kỳ Thị, Binh Đằng, và Thành Thạo Văn Hóa406 K
Adobe PDF ACA-RA, 無歧視原則、公平和文化熟知能力520 K
Adobe PDF ACA-RA, 차별 금지, 형평성, 문화적 이해력 Nondiscrimination, Equity, and Cultural Proficiency402 K
Adobe PDF ACA-RA, አድሎ የሌለበት፣ ፍትሃዊ፣ እና የባህል ብቃት172 K
Adobe PDF ACA-RA, Não Discriminação, Equidade e Proficiência Cultural180 K